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MENORCA 2030 STRATEGY. Roadmap for decarbonizing the energy system

Climate change is one of the main challenges facing societies around the world. Its progress, caused by greenhouse gas emissions, has raised the global alarm and placed the urgent need for mitigation in the international agenda. This situation calls for a deep transformation of the current energy system to eliminate dependency on fossil fuels, as well as prevention and adaptation to climate change.

The Menorca 2030 Strategy is the results of collective work of several entities, institutions, companies and people, who from different disciplines, committed to what was already a social and political consensus: the energy transition in Menorca.


This document is the roadmap to decarbonizing the energy System of Menorca from the current configuration towards a model based on renewable energy. It takes as reference the European decarbonization roadmap UE Roadmap 2050, the Law on Climate Change and Energy Transition of the Balearic Islands and the values of Menorca as a Biosphere Reserve.

In this way, it defines the energy transition in the island to establish priorities, actions to be carried out, the establishment of collaboration, support and financing networks, and constitutes a guide for decision-making for public and private sectors.

The document aims to be a comprehensive decarbonization plan that mobilizes funding, technical support and regulatory changes, and establishes a timeline with three major milestones: in 2020 it plans to cover 18% of electricity demand with renewable energy, 54% of demand in 2025, and take the big jump towards 85% electricity demand covered by renewable energy in 2030.

Many of the initiatives outlined in this strategy are already being carried out. Others will be launched in the near future to meet the ambitious goals set.


Approval of the Menorca 2030 Strategy

In April 15, 2019, the Menorca Island Council approved the Menorca 2030 Strategy, which outlines the roadmap that the Menorcan society assumes to promote the decarbonization of the energy system. Thus, Menorca joins the European and International efforts to mitigate the effects of climate change, and which are specified, given the characteristics of the territory, in the initiative of the European Commission «Clean Energy for EU Islands», from which Menorca has been an active partner since February, 2019.

SUMMARY Menorca 2030 Strategy 

Clean Energy for EU Islands Project

In February, 2019, the European Commission included Menorca among the 26 European islands in the energy transition agenda through the project Clean Energy for EU Islands. This project will provide technical and economic support for the decarbonization of Menorca. Thus, Menorca becomes the first European island to have a roadmap to meet the European goals and is at the forefront of the transition.

Clean Energy For Eu Islands

Strategic Guidelines of Menorca

In 2016 began the process of elaboration of the Strategic Guidelines of Menorca (DEM, in Catalan), a change in the energy model promoted by the Menorca Island Council. the DEM elaborated a detailed diagnosis of the current energy system that would serve a starting point for drafting the Menorca 2030 Strategy.

Strategic Guidelines of Menorca

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